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Dr. Pradhan is a multi-award winning Expert Witness in Psychiatry and an AVMA and an APIL accredited expert in Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury cases.

As a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists she is recognised is a leader in Psychiatry for her clinical excellence.

Dr. Pradhan’s has develped a strong reputation with lawyers for her robust expert psychiatric reports and court attendances in high value and contentious cases.

Expert Psychiatric Reports

Winner Expert Witness Consultant Psychiatrist of the Year 2017 & 2019

“Dr. Pradhan’s provides detailed and clear reports which are extremely helpful.”

Short Waiting Times

Urgent Psychiatric Reports 2 -5 days.
UK wide Psychiatric Reports 1 – 2 weeks.

Dr. Pradhan works with a large panel of accredited psychiatrist who are able to provide psychiatric reports nationwide in 1 to 2 weeks at LAA rates.

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“Dr. Pradhan completed the report within one week which allowed our barrister to settle the case promptly.”

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About Dr Pradhan

Clinical & Expert Witness Psychiatry Experience

Dr. Pradhan’s is an NHS Adult Consultant Psychiatrist covering the inner city of Birmingham since 2003 where she assesses and treats a diverse patient population, many with complex mental health problems precipitated by social factors. She has specific interest in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders.

She is highly trained experienced dual accredited Consultant Psychiatrist delivering CPR Expert witness reports nationwide with short waiting times and swift report completion – usually one to two weeks from the assessments.

Dr. Pradhan has completed over 1000 expert witness reports in Civil & Criminal Cases. A significant number of cases have been Civil Claims involving psychiatric injuries as a result of accidents, medical negligence and also on victims of abuse including childhood abuse, failure to remove cases and family child care proceedings matters.

Dr. Pradhan regularly provides reports in Employment Tribunals involving Equality Act Assessments with detailed assessment of Stress & PTSD and anxiety disorders.

Psychiatric Reports in Criminal Cases :

Dr. Pradhan is a Mental  Health Section 12 Approved Psychiatrist and provides psychiatric assessments in Criminal Cases – Assessing fitness to plead and instruct (fitness to stand trial) pre-sentencing psychiatric court reports, diminished responsibility assessments,  intent, hospital order assessments, arson psychiatric reports in arson cases and forensic psychiatric assessments.

Psychiatric Reports in Immigration Cases / Asylum Cases

Dr. Pradhan often provides psychiatric assessment in Immigration matters looking at impact of deportation on individuals and their family.  Assessing post-traumatic stress disorders and mental effects of deportation has on asylum seekers (either on submission of their claim or psychiatric assessments for immigration appeals. The Psychiatric assessments are often on victims of abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse.

Independent Mental Health Act Psychiatric Assessments

Dr. Pradhan is able to provide independent psychiatric reports for clients subject to detention under the Mental Health Act, including Section 2, Section 3, Section 47/49 and Community Treatment Orders (CTO) in England and Wales. These psychiatric reports address whether the criteria for detention are met, that the guiding principles are being adhered to and that the least restrictive options have been given due consideration.

Assessing Psychiatric Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

Dr. Pradhan has a substantial amount of experience in producing high quality medico-legal reports to assist individuals who have suffered psychiatric injuries in personal injury cases addressing PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Enduring  life changing affects from Road Traffic Accidents, Medical Negligence, childhood abuse and failure to remove cases amongst others.

Psychiatric Assessment in Employment Tribunal and Equality Act Assessments

Dr.  Pradhan is able to provide psychiatric stress reports in employment tribunal cases and Equality Act Assessments. These include developing return to work recommendations.

Mental Capacity Assessments

Dr. Pradhan regularly provides reports assessing mental capacity / Court of Protection (COP 3 Assessments) DoLs/ Testamentary Capacity Cases to include Probate; Capacity to Instruct Solicitors; Assessment of ability to make financial decisions and psychiatrist assessment for Power of Attorney matters.

Psychiatric Reports in Childhood Abuse Cases :

Dr. Pradhan, Consultant Psychiatrist has carried out an extensive number of assessments and reports on survivors of childhood abuse. She has been a panel expert on a number of Group Action cases as a single joint expert. Dr. Pradhan has also provided a number of reports in cases involving enduring lifelong emotional effects of abuse in claims against individuals and organisations.

Due to the sensitive nature of the assessment and being one of the very few female psychiatrists in the UK who specialises in abuse cases Dr. Pradhan is often the preferred expert by male and female victims of abuse or negligence.

Instructing solicitors have continually received positive feedback from their clients about their psychiatric assessments with Dr. Pradhan and for the accuracy and clarity of Dr. Pradhan’s Expert Witness Reports.

Swift Report Completion

Reports are normally completed within 7 days from assessment

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“Psychiatrist or Psychologist?”


Expert Psychiatry solutions for your law firm

Dr. Pradhan, Consultant Psychiatrist Expert Witness Awards 2017 & 2019

Top level APIL Expert, Psychiatric Reports for the legal profession in Criminal and Civil Cases

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  • Finding the right psychiatrist expert for your case can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Dr. Pradhan works with a leading nationwide network of experienced Expert Psychiatrists and is able to refer solicitors to experienced Expert Psychiatrists who will be able to assist and provide expert psychiatric reports normally within one to two weeks across the UK.
  • Experts Psychiatrists include Adults Psychiatrists, Forensic Psychiatrists, Learning Disability Psychiatrists, Child Psychiatrists, Addiction Psychiatrists and Neuro-psychiatrists available to provide Expert Psychiatric reports in Civil Cases : Assessing Psychiatric Injury & Employment Stress Psychiatric Reports. Fitness to plead / stand trial psychiatric assessments and Hospital Psychiatric Opinions. Family parental assessments and Child Psychiatrists for assessments on children.
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